Orgunique Organic Compost Activator





100% Organic converts organic waste to balance nutrition.

Compost Activator is a 100% Organic product to speed up decomposition and break down or organic waste by increasing microbial activity. It helps produce high grade compost rich in mineral and nutrients within a short time.

Available in a 2 kg size
Directions for Use

Apply 2-2.5 kg/cubic meter of compost pile. Chop waste, apply compost Activator, mix well and make a heap. Turn heap as needed. For best results, apply twice.

List of Ingredients
Fish Meal, Alfalfa, Soybean Meal, Kelp Meal, Neem Cake, Rock Phosphate, Calcium Lime, Dolomite, Humic Acid Derivatives and Natural Potash.




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