The 2008 Prairie Garden Book - Roses

For those with a passion for roses or a desire to learn more about this most romantic and challenging plant, The 2008 Prairie Garden ‘Roses’ is an indispensable guide. Learn about new introductions (“The Elegance of Bailey Roses in Manitoba – Trial Evaluations on the Prairies” by Rick Durand), selecting roses for shady areas and tips for overwintering roses. Take an inside look at “The Obsessive and Thorny World of Competitive Rose Gardening” reviewed by Frances Wershler and delight in the entertaining story shared by one brave, blind gardener! Enjoy stunning, full-color photographs.

The 2008 edition will also provide the Prairie gardener with fascinating articles on a wide variety of subjects, such as “Columbines and their Insect Pests” by Carla Hrycyna and Bill Turnock, “Growing Hydrangeas on the Prairies” by Jim Kohut, “Man-Eaters of Manitoba: Carnivorous Plants” by Dr. Karen L. Johnson and “Soil Fertility and Organic Gardening” by Dr. Ieuan R. Evans, to name just a few!


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