The 2009 Prairie Garden Book - Shrubs

The 2009 Prairie Garden
  • The Top 5 Shrubs
  • Introduction to Deciduous Shrubs by Dr. Philip Ronald
  • Prairie Lilacs by Freek Vrugtman
  • Pruning Deciduous Shrubs by J.A. Menzies & A. Gudziak
  • Problems and Solutions with Woody Shrubs in the Home Landscape by Michael Allen
  • Tiger Eyes Sumac – Fire on The Prairies by Vickie Pondell
  • The Colour Purple by Dr. Philip Ronald
  • Amur & Tatarian Maples – Red Splash in Your Landscape by Rick Durand
  • Bearberry – One Interesting Shrub!by Dr. Bill Remphrey
  • Barberries for The Northern Great Plains by Paul G. Olsen
  • Topgrafted Shrubs by Dr. Philip Ronald
  • A Lifetime of Endless Summers by Jim Kohut
  • Flowering Shrubs for the Prairie Garden by Owen Vanstone
  • Growing Azaleas on The Prairies by Jim Kohut
  • Spirea …Not Just Another Petunia by Duayne Friesen
  • Ornamental Shrubs with Edible Fruitby Linda Matthews
  • Shrubs of Churchill, Manitoba by Dr. Karen L. Johnson
  • The Amorphas by Shirley Froehlich
  • Large Shrubs for Rural Landscapes: the well-mannered by Sara Williams
  • Shrubs for Woodlot Plantings by Ken Fosty
  • Shrubby Potentilla Cultivar Development at University of Manitoba by Louis Lenz & Linda Pearn
  • Pagoda Dogwood by Eileen Rosen
  • Shrubs as Houseplants by Susanne Olver

  • Breeding New Landscape Plants by Dr. Harold Pellett
  • Dwarf Conifers for the Mixed Borderby Sara Williams
  • Ornamental Trees and Shrubs – Choosing Plants to Create a Four Season Garden by Jennifer Ewen
  • Wild Bonsai by Dean Laughren
  • Gardening for Butterflies on The Prairies by Dr. Richard Westwood
  • Small Ornamental Trees for The Prairies by Dr. Philip Ronald
  • Skybound Cedar - A Manitoba Introduction by Ron Boughen
  • Bronze Leaf Disease of Poplars  by Dr. Philip Northover
  • A Garden for the Birds by Rudolf Koes
  • Wild About Backyard Birding by Sherrie Versluis
  • Perilla – Pretty or Poison, or “Pretty Poison” by Frances Wershler
  • Own-Rooted Sugar Maple Study at the University of Manitoba by Teresa A Sutanto, M.Sc. candidate
  • Prairie Wetland Plants by Dr. Eva Pip
  • Peonies – A Tree Or Not A Tree by Sandy Venton
  • Control of Diseases of Trees by Dr. Gary Platford
  • Follow That Bee! by  Todd Ashley Yakimishen
  • Ticks and the Garden by Dr. Terry D. Galloway
  • The Importance of Healthy Riparian Areas by Heather Davies
  • Keep Your Plants Pumping Iron by David C. Zlesak
  • Henry Marshall By Melanie Penner
  • Frank Skinner’s Legacy by Hugh Skinner
  • In Memoriam: William James Turnock
  • 50 Years Ago: Dianthus (Pinks) by A. Munro, F.R.H.S., Calgary, AB.
  • In Memoriam: Hugh Knowles
  • Sara Williams - Winner of The 2008 Prairie Garden Award for Excellenceby Linda Pearn
  • The Prairie Garden Index 2004–2008 Inclusive


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