The 2004 Prairie Garden Book - Pleasing Prairie Places

 This digest-sized annual promises to stimulate your curiosity and wonder. Featuring the theme "Pleasing Prairie Places" The 2004 Prairie Garden reveals many special places of beauty and encourages us to look beyond the obvious. 

The 2004 Guest Editor, Robert Golinoski, is an active member of Winnipeg's horticultural community. He cares for the gardens of many fine local homes, enjoys writing, and devotes much of his energy in support of the Assiniboine Park Conservatory. Through his involvement with judging for the Communities in Bloom program, Robert has developed a deep appreciation for the thousands of individuals across the prairies who strive to make their home towns unique and inviting. The articles he presents offer the reader a special view into a varied selection of Canadian prairie towns. He encourages us to consider stopping as we travel across the prairies to visit and enjoy one of these beautiful communities. A selection of photos illustrate what you will see on your travels, tempting you to put one of these delightful communities on your vacation itinerary.

The 16-page colour section mirrors the many sights we enjoy most, from beautiful flowers in the warm summer sun, to inviting landscapes. A collection of images introduces us to the exquisite Leo Mol Sculpture Garden, located in Assiniboine Park in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Photos of colourful foliage planters designed by Fran Wershler, unique garden ornaments discussed by Lea Stogdale, and water garden plants taken by Marilyn Brown are just a few of the images presented here. As well, Neil Klassen introduces us to the timeless, thought provoking beauty of Saskatchewan's Grasslands National Park. No trimming or planting is necessary there, all that is needed is a sense of wonder and awe.

The general gardening section covers a wide variety of topics about the gardeners' natural world. Start your read with an informative article on hardy cherries, tasty strawberries or the beautiful amaryllis. Can our cherished soil actually harm us? Let's find out before we dig. We are encouraged by one gardener's quest to grow his beloved catalpa tree - in zone 2b. Find out if he succeeded. Insect insights are presented, highlighting the giant water bug, wood tick, spittlebug and the ever-favourite butterfly. Solutions and advice are presented on how to deal with those often pesky deer. Solutions to fairy rings and chlorosis are also explored.

Authors include: Ieaun Evans, Sara Williams, Shirley Froehlich, Rick Durand, Lea Stogdale, Mike Allen, Judy Harley, Ken Ivey, Colin Briggs, Roberta Woods, Marilyn Brown and many more.

This is the 65th year of The Prairie Garden annual publication. The editorial committee, composed entirely of volunteers, is pleased to make this publication available to people who garden in the prairies and beyond.

Examine the Table of Contents of the 2004 issue. 


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