Hydrangea Collection


  One of the most popular plants on the market today are Hydrangeas. 

      Hydrangea flower in late summer and continue give an amazing show well into the fall.  They also give us some winter show as well. 

     Most Hydrangeas prefer a spot in the garden where they receive 4 or 5 hours of morning sun with afternoon shade.  As their name “Hydra” suggest they love water.  They will be one of the first plants to wilt in the garden on a hot summer day.  Frequent watering is very important to this plant.  Once well established they are a little more forgiving.  But during the first season they may require daily watering.  You will be rewarded for your diligent care by the beautiful shoe they will give you. 

     Fertilize your Hydrangeas with an application of slow release fertilizer (such as Miracle Grow Ultra Bloom) in Mid May.  Or use a water-soluble fertilizer once in May and again in June.  So not fertilize past July.  If your have the macrophylla type add Aluminum Sulphate to the soil two to three times beginning in May and ending in July.  This will give you Bluer Colored Blooms.

      There are four main types of Hydrangeas that we grow here in Winnipeg.                      

Arborescens -Blooms on new wood, prune late fall or early spring, Part Sun to Dappled Sun

Paniculata - Blooms on new wood, rune late fall or early spring, Full to Part Sun

Macrophylla - blooms on old and new wood, do not prune

Climbing Hydrangea  - blooms on old and new wood, do not prune.  Will cling to a wall or trellis.



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