The 2014 Prairie Garden Book - 75th Edition Gardens

75TH Edition - Gardens

  • What is a Garden? by Linda Pearn  and Jeannie Gilbert
  • More Than Meets the Eye… by Jane Reksten
  • The Garden as Its Own Artistic Medium by Stefan Fediuk
  • Gardening With Children by Warren Otto
  • A Blooming Parade by Marilyn Latta
  • Hostas The Workhorse of the Shady Garden by Sandy Venton
  • The “Other” Purple Coneflower by Shirley Froehlich
  • Growing Lavender on the Prairies by Colleen Zacharias
  • Impatiens Downy Mildew by Andy Tekauz
  • If You Want Visitors, Send Out Invitationsby Jeannette Adams
  • Ellis Bird Farm by Myrna Pearman and Cynthia Pohl
  • Garden Personalities by Judy Schwartz
  • Lessen Your Environmental Footprint with Sustainable Gardening by Carla Keast
  • Gardening – Magically by Carla Hrycyna
  • Gardening in the Netherlands by Lianne Pot
  • In a Victorian Garden at the Dalnavert Museum by Jennifer Bisch
  • Garden Tours of Saskatchewan Government House by Hazel McMurchy
  • People Passionate About Their Gardens by Dianne Beaven, Donna Danyluk and Julia Schoen
  • A Journey into the Carol Shields Memorial Labyrinth by Anne Nesbitt
  • Looking Back -19th Century Gardening In and Around Winnipeg by Susanne Olver ODH
  • Community Gardens – A Saskatoon Story by Renata Klassen
  • A Garden Wedding by Jeannie Gilbert
  • A Microguide to Microgreens by Sheryl Normandeau
  • Water Gardens by Melanie Mathieson
  • Gardening in a Big Way by Murray Dudgeon
  • The Construction, Deconstruction and Reconstruction of a Perennial Shade Garden by Sandy Venton
  • The History of “hooty hortus” by Linda Pearn
  • A Rock and Alpine Gardening Primer by Cathy Kurio and Rob Staniland
  • Prairie Hardy Succulents by Lyndon Penner and Vanessa Young
  • Succulents in Containers for Prairie Gardens by Frances Wershler
  • Microarchitecture of Plants: Inspiration for Design and Art by Dr. Erwin Huebner
  • Backyard Bees by  Eliese Watson 
  • Mosquitoes Put the Bite on Prairie Gardeners  by Terry D. Galloway
  • Cliff Green by Ed Czarnecki
  • Gardening In Winter by  Susanne Olver
  • Creating the Prairie Xeriscape Book Review by Hugh Skinner 
  • Why Join a Garden Club or Horticultural Society?  by Valerie Denesiuk
  • Tending the Garden, Healing the Body by Chad Cornell
  • Waaywayeyaa Gitikan by Rhonda and Vern Morrissette
  • Poisonous House Plants  by Linda Pearn
  • Plants that are Harmful to Manitoba Pets and Livestock by Dr. Eva Pip
  • Manitoba’s Best Kept Secret - Living Roofsby Anna Thurmayr
  • The Prairie Garden Alumni compiled by Linda Pearn
  • The 2013 Prairie Garden Award for Excellence by Ed Czarnecki
  • The Prairie Garden Index


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