Stain Remover Soap

Traditional Marseille soap this magic stain-removing soap effectively cleans and detaches laundry. This textile stain remover is biodegradable, economical and very effective against stubborn stains. Recommended on fabrics, carpets, mattresses, curtains and even hands. This stain remover removes stains from grease, grease, ketchup, mayonnaise, wine, blood, perspiration, tomato sauce, coffee, tea, chocolate, lipstick, ink, d grass, paint, oil ... This stain remover cleans all types of fabrics without damaging it. It gives shine to white linen. Hypoallergenic, it is the essential soap for young mothers and fathers against stubborn stains from your child! Genuine Marseille soap! Ask for the logo registered by the Union of Marseille Soap Professionals!.


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