The 2005 Prairie Garden Book - Lilies

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The 2005 Prairie Garden , featuring lilies, is the 66th edition of this annual digest-sized publication. A wide variety of theme-related topics are covered, of relevance to both the novice and the expert prairie lily gardener. An interesting range of general gardening topics are also covered, including hardy shrubs, houseplants, garden insects, native orchids, coniferous evergreen care, and vegetable gardening. The articles are complemented by a 16-page colour section, featuring many photos of beautiful hardy lilies. Guest Editors for the 2005 book, Jennifer Bishop and Barbara-Jean Jackson have worked hard to bring you yet another great issue of The Prairie Garden. Theme-related topics that are covered include:
- Lily Basics
- Prairie Lily Hybridizers
- The Backhouse Hybrids
- Martagons and Martagons Breeding
- Hardiness Trials of Interdivisional Lilies in Alberta
- The Upcoming NALS Conference
- Lily Humour
- Propagating Lilies
- The Western Red Lily: Saskatchewan's Floral Emblem
- Lilies that Aren't "Lilies" - The Water Lily
- Controlling Diseases Affecting Lilies
- Lily Myths: Martagons
- The Lily Beetle
- The Lily Larvae - A New Lily Pest?
- Preventing the Spread of Lily Pests
- Northern Gardening with Lilies
- Lilies on the Move
- Lilies as Houseplants
- The Gloriosa Lily
- Lily Gardening on the Internet

Topics of a few of the non-theme articles for 2005 are:
- Cyclamen
- The Western Prairie Fringed Orchid
- Bumble Bee Adventures
- Ten Years of The Prairie Horticulture Program
- Managing Diseases and Pests in the Vegetable Garden
- Current Problems of Coniferous Trees on the Prairies
- Adventures in Butterfly Gardening
- Lasagna Gardening
- The Travelling Prairie Gardener
- Rustic Gardens
- The Western Prairie Fringed Orchid
- The Dandelion
- Assiniboine Landing
- Photographing Garden Flowers
- Growing Roses on the Prairies
- Viburnum
- Heritage Landscapes
- Poetry
- Upcoming Book Announcements

As well, each issue of The Prairie Garden includes yearly feature articles such as:
- 50 Years Ago: A Glimpse into the Past - an article carefully chosen from the issue of The Pairie Garden that was published 50 years ago,
- Houseplants: Hibiscus - this year's featured houseplant has striking flowers and is easy to grow if you follow these simple directions,
- Annual Book Review - this year Fran Wershler reviews "A History of Canadian Gardening,"
- Insects in the Garden - bumble bees are this year's featured garden insect, and
- The Prairie Garden Award for Excellence - the recipient of The 2004 Prairie Garden Award for Excellence is the Memorial Rose Garden in Pilot Mound, Manitoba.

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