Equinox Self Watering Planters

These self watering containers are based on a carefully engineered design that lets plants soak up what they need while still conserving water and other resources. They are ideal for home, business and municipalities.

Large pots are only delivered locally in Winnipeg.

There are many styles and colors available in Equinox self Watering Planters.  We stock a number of styles and colors.  If you do not see the style you are looking for email Susan Jensen Stubbe at jnlltd@mts.net to receive a quote.  Custom ordered planters will take 3 to 6 weeks to be manufactured.  Check out the full line of styles at :



Desert Planter interior pic

Self watering or sub-irrigated planters introduce water from the bottom of the planter allowing it to soak upwards through the soil in the columns to the root system. This allows the plant(s) to take on water as needed and allowing for optimal plant growth. The water contained in the reservoir is protected from wind and sun, significantly reducing evaporation, and dramatically increasing water efficiencies.

 These self-watering planters feature an innovative double hull that creates a reservoir at the bottom of each container.

A tube protrudes above the soil which allows the reservoir to be filled and a drainage hole allows for extra water to exit the reservoir.


Planter Cross Section

 Growing Material (1) - Potting mix or soil

Moisture (2) - Moisture gets wicked from the water reservoir thru the HydraFilters™ 

Water Reservoir (3) -Large Water Reservoir lets the roots absorbs just the right amount of water

Hydra Filter™(4) -Stops soil migration and allows over watering from rain to drain into the reservoir. Plants will draw up moisture from the reservoir through the soil when needed.

Overflow Drainage Hole (5) - Drainage Hole allows for extra water to exit the large reservoir

Fill Cap & Channel (6) -Removable Fill cap seals the fill channel to protect it from debris. Fill Chanel that brings water directly to reservoir


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