Pepper Early California Wonder

Early California Wonder produces peppers with bright green to red coloring. Features large, bell-shaped fruit that grows to 10x10 cm (4" x4"). The crisp and crunchy texture is excellent for stuffing, but these peppers are great for all types of cooking or if eaten raw. * after transplanting to garden


Product Weight: 300 milligrams / approximately 35-40 seeds

Plant Type: Vegetable

Flavor: Thick walled and sweet fresh flavor

Days to Harvest: 75 to 75 days*

Days to Seed Germination: 7 to 14 days

Seed Planting Depth: 6 mm (1/4")

Row Spacing: 60 cm (24")

Plant Spacing: 45 cm (18")

Growing Height: 45-60 cm (18-24")

Planting Instructions: Peppers need a warm soil and night temperature to prosper. Location should be sheltered from the wind and soil should be kept reasonably moist. Peppers can be harvested when green or later, as they mature to red.


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